Our team

CMA group is a leading team of 12 food professionals linked to our main mission of procurement of retail quality private label food products from our approved global supplier´s network. We have offices in Spain, Morocco, Peru, Vietnam and China. In each country a team is in place to assist retailer and supplier in their buying programs and finding new suppliers for new sku´s.

We also have an R+D department to source new products to retailers based in experienced food technologist with long record in food industry.

About us

We believe in what we do by following very simple values:

Discerning generosity: Doing by sharing.
Responsible freedom: We do what we love.
Creative energy: We love what we do.
Coherence: We do what we say.
Transparency: We say what we do.

CMA Global is able to Help Your Company Improve Your Sales, Position Your Brand and Expand Your Markets in One Stop: OUR TEAM.

We are proud to serve our partner companies to improve their business and products in the marketplace by having CMA-Global as part of their team.

What we do

We offer to retailers partnerships with top food companies in each sector that are able to sustain the retailer requeriments of quality, service, innovation and growth.

Our team select the best feasible supplier for each retailer and product, assisting from the very beginning to the day to day back office.